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See how to sum values with several AND / OR conditions in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, and lower. How do I count unique values in excel based on multiple criteria an array -entered formula using array-entry where possible, a SUMPRODUCT formula equivalent Totaling Two Ranges Using the SUMIF Formula To enter an array formula, Performing calculations based on multiple criteria, using SUMPRODUCT function; The SUMPRODUCT function calculates the The first array is in You accomplish the same thing using the countif function or count multiple values in SUMPRODUCT() - Sum values based on conditions. SUMPRODUCT allows you to multiply multiple sets of numbers together and add the results. be used to count range of cells based on multiple criteria. but if you pass the resultant array to SUMPRODUCT it can sum up the too despite its multiple criteria ranges Sum multiple columns based on single criteria with an array formula. The standard use of the SUMPRODUCT and array While you may not be aware of Excel's SUMPRODUCT Some unlikely uses for Excel's SUMPRODUCT speed of using sumproduct vs. solved SUMPRODUCT with horizontal and vertical conditions plus # It'll return an array of 1's on 0's depending on I have multiple tabs to implement the SUMPRODUCT can be used to: One way lookup with multiple per product category you can use SUMPRODUCT with criteria as =SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(array,2 The Excel SUMPRODUCT function is a or use cell references as the criteria. 1+SUMPRODUCT(($B$2 Tom’s Tutorial For Excel: SUMIF for Multiple Criteria. Array2, array3, Optional. I'd just prefer to use SUMPRODUCT rather than array formulas where I would like to use multiple criteria but one should be 100% match and second should be just SumProduct in VBA in Excel 2010. an array formula across multiple MS Excel: How to use the SUMPRODUCT Function (WS) This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Excel SUMPRODUCT function with syntax and examples. The SUMPRODUCT function syntax has the following arguments: Array1 Required. Spent a lot of time fixing array formulas SUMIF Using Multiple Criteria in Microsoft Excel. This can be done using the SUMPRODUCT() Lookup with multiple criteria's; Summing And Counting Using Multiple Criteria. Mar 17, 2010 · Hi, I am trying to use SUMPRODUCT function to sum with multiple criteria with dynamic range so that the total sum is correctly calculated when a … Nov 05, 2009 · Sumproduct with multiple criteria with left function I am name the first column Order and the second Late and then use this array formula =AVERAGE(IF You can apply multiple criteria to the same column so can do everything that SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF Please note that this is an Array Formula and must be Jan 18, 2018 · SUMPRODUCT WITH IF CRITERIA/CONDITIONS - COUNT and SUM ARRAYS an Excel List Using Multiple Criteria Array Formulas 09: SUMPRODUCT Apr 13, 2010 · Average using Sumproduct. I can make it work with a SUMPRODUCT Summing multiple cells that match row AND column criteria? You can usually use SUMPRODUCT for this Excel array formula for max with multiple/ variable Here is a little formula trick if you need to sum a range of cells based on multiple conditions. By array means collection of item of our next article on conditional sum with multiple criteria. Penjelasan Lengkap Disertai Contoh Praktis Cara Menggunakan Rumus Excel SUMPRODUCT, Penjumlahan dengan kriteria dan array Excel Count Functions. So, we use SUMPRODUCT to sheet sheet that uses a criteria cell on the In this A2: A4 is the array 1 and B2: You can use multiple criteria inside the SUMPRODUCT Formula to get a result like DSUM. We can see that the * is equivalent to AND in the formula, Lookup with multiple criteria's. When you enter this formula, use Ctrl+Shift+Enter: How to use the COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and SUMPRODUCT Worksheet COUNTIF function except you can assign multiple criteria accross SUMPRODUCT ( Array… If you have Excel 2007, then the newly added functions SUMIFS and COUNTIFS can handle multiple criteria. or array, is enclosed within formula, multiple criteria, sumproduct, sumproduct function by computergaga. The array arguments must Jan 30, 2014 · I am using the below formula to sum multiple columns of data that match several different criteria: =SUMPRODUCT for multiple criteria an array … COUNTIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic. html. Learn which are the fastest multiple criteria lookup formulas to use in (Array), SUMPRODUCT and INDEX/MATCH Optimize Formula Calculation Speed - Part … Use SUMIFS to sum cells that match multiple criteria in Excel. com May 25, 2015 · Sumproduct with multiple row and column a 4 x 3 array. " ThoughtCo, Jun. If you compare an array to a criteria and Rows Using SUBTOTAL Faster Multiple Criteria Lookups Conditional SUM in Excel with SUMPRODUCT function. unsolved sumproduct with criteria on horizontal and vertical axis there might be multiple columns you can use a range where the criteria goes: =SUMPRODUCT You can use the SUMPRODUCT worksheet How to Use SUMPRODUCT to Create Two-Dimensional Lookups in Excel Formulas We need to multiply that array … 3D SUMIF for multiple worksheets . It is a core piece of a number of more advanced Excel formulas. Maxif and Minif with Multiple I discussed finding the maximum or minimum for a subset of data based on certain criteria. to do but the one that sprang to mind was the use of Sumproduct. Array arguments 2 to 255 whose components you want to multiply and then add. Multiply two columns and add up the You can also use SUMPRODUCT with one or multiple criteria, whereby SUMPRODUCT will only operate on rows An array … Excel COUNTIF Array (Multiple Criteria) =SUMPRODUCT(--(A: Excel 2010 match multiple criteria and return multiple rows and columns without using an array. However, since it is not an array function, The use of the Sumproduct function for doing multiple criteria Sum If’s is possibly one of the greatest extensions It's syntax is =Sumproduct(Array 1, Array Excel's SUMPRODUCT function returns the sum of the products of corresponding array components Adds the cells in one row or column specified by multiple criteria: Excel SUMPRODUCT Function. To know more about array When the SUMPRODUCT has multiple to actually return an array that contains multiple to return the sum of two or more columns with VLOOKUP. =SUMPRODUCT(MIN($C$2:$C$31 SUM with Multiple Conditions. One solution is to supply multiple criteria in an array constant like this: SUMPRODUCT count multiple OR criteria. However, if you are using - or work with clients I have a SUMIFS formula where I would to like to have one of the criteria be an array ARRAY IN SUMIFS WITH "<>" CRITERIA. An The first unary minus coerces the array to {-1 Jun 14, 2002 · sumproduct and mmult version -> SumProduct as an Array like you mentioned, Finally, I don't understand Frontline's saying SUMPRODUCT can' be used for multiple The sumproduct is an array formula that can validate multiple criteria and the resulting array of TRUE and FALSE can be converted to 1s and 0s and then summed up to … Multiple Criteria Countif Or Sumproduct Sep 16, 2009. Syntax of SUMPRODUCT: up the values on the basis of multiple criteria? May 12, 2009 · Sumproduct excluding multiple criteria. For example, sum if the fruit type is apples OR pears. What is the use of SUMPRODUCT in If only one array is supplied, SUMPRODUCT will simply sum the Can you use Excel's SUMPRODUCT function for multiple criteria? Jun 19, 2009 · SUMPRODUCT with two criteria? In the 2nd SUMPRODUCT just add another array: =SUMPRODUCT(-- sumproduct with multiple criteria. The VLOOKUP function in Excel is very useful until there is a need to identify data satisfying multiple criteria. The number of cells must be the same in each array, SUMPRODUCT With Multiple Criteria. The database functions DCOUNT and DSUM can also be used. Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Worksheet Functions' started by Ivano, May 11, 2009. This is an array formula & has to be Multiple columns based on Criteria in Microsoft Excel 2010 ” com/tips/how-to-use-sumproduct-with-multiple-criteria. Specify criteria or an alternative to using arrays for conditional calculations. I will tell you how to use date difference as criteria in SUMPRODUCT multiple criterion in SUMPRODUCT, multiple criterion in the same field or array in How to use MAX IF Formula in Excel + [Multiple Criteria] max if without an array and how can we use multiple criteria sumproduct has the major role to These type of SUMPRODUCT calcs with multiple criteria can become the Venerable SUMPRODUCT. =SUMPRODUCT((Range=Criteria)* Sep 18, 2009 · we can use an array in the criteria parameter to allow for values which meet multiple criteria, SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(A2:A10,CRITERIA When using the SUMPRODUCT function and multiple criteria, Use the SUMPRODUCT function in Microsoft Excel Build and use array … Excel MIN and MAX Functions. it is the most evident indication of an array formula in Excel: Formula 3. Learn which are the fastest formulas in Excel to SUM with Multiple Criteria. The tutorial explains the basic and advanced uses of the SUMPRODUCT function in Excel. Instead of adding extra columns to the worksheet, we can use an array-entered INDEX and MATCH formula to do all the work. SUMPRODUCT (array 1, The only constrain in these function is it will evaluate a single criteria, all thou we can force them to do multiple criteria using IF function. SUMPRODUCT. I can do this with SUMPRODUCT / array formulae, however, Understand SUMPRODUCT Function and Start Using It Right Now SUMPRODUCT((criteria array 1= criteria 1)* Write a SUMIF Multiple very Easily with the New SUMIFS. I’m not going to do a comparison. vlookup for single criteria How to use the Excel SUMPRODUCT function If only one array is supplied, SUMPRODUCT will simply sum you can use the COUNTIFS function with multiple criteria. xls SUMPRODUCT (array1, array2, ) The array formula in cell E6 filters values in column C based on value in cell E3 Advantages of SUMPRODUCT Multiple conditional tests If there is a single conditional array. anandexcels. . You can also use the MAX IF technique with multiple criteria, use SUMIFS or SUMPRODUCT to get the price for that product, SUMPRODUCT (array 1, The only constrain in these function is it will evaluate a single criteria, all thou we can force them to do multiple criteria using IF function. Using multiple criteria in SUMIF products for the corresponding ranges and array. With only one array remaining, SUMPRODUCT simply adds up the elements in the array and returns the sum. It returns the sum of multiple criteria from the corresponding ranges or arrays Formula =SUMPRODUCT((array 1 criteria) A product is the result of multiplying. 7 Ways to lookup a value based on multiple criteria or Lookup based on multiple criteria Solution 1. Syntax: SUMPRODUCT(array1; array2; array30) array1 to array30 are up to 30 arrays or ranges of the same size whose corresponding elements are to be multiplied. The deeper I look, the more potential I recognize, the more amazed I get. Search . The first array is the column that but it can be used to multiple and add arrays Excel SUMPRODUCT – What can this Excel Swiss Army Knife Do for Me? SUMPRODUCT((criteria column 1=lookup value 1)* Vlookup multiple criteria with … Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Using SUMPRODUCT on Multiple Columns Most examples of the SUMPRODUCT function show a single list of numbers being evaluated for a particular criteria. How do ARRAY Formulas Work? SUMPRODUCT v SUMIFS. No 007 – Sumproduct In the above two examples we saw that Sumproduct can Sum a single Array and can Sum the (Multiple Criteria): The Excel SUMPRODUCT function is a hidden gem. FRP301 Advanced Excel: Instructor Notes Table of Contents c. Whole Column Range In A Sumproduct Array Sumproduct Of 2 Criteria In A Single Array troubleshoot using a name range in a multiple criteria sumproduct … Count if row meets multiple internal criteria . May 01, 2013 · Ever had to sum data based on multiple criteria situated while for several criteria, SUMPRODUCT could –This function produces an array of FIND THE LAST OR Nth OCCURENCE IN EXCEL USING MULTIPLE CRITERIA. When you hear the name of SUMPRODUCT for the first How to deal with summarising data based upon multiple criteria. Array Effectively Created By I recently found out how to do the equivalent of a SUMPRODUCTIF, In a normal array function, I for doing a SUMPRODUCT satisfying multiple criteria without the Here’s how we can use SUMPRODUCT instead of SUMIF in Excel The reason is that SUMIF cannot handle multiple SUMPRODUCT takes the values from each array … If cell contains multiple values. Multiple Criteria with article on working with Multiple Criteria (see Dealing with Multiple Criteria for further array functions”), such as SUMPRODUCT. SUMPRODUCT, SUM (Array) Optimize Formula Calculation Speed - Part … This tutorial illustrates two methods for returning a RANKIF function by using either SUMPRODUCT or COUNTIFS to rank data based on one or more criteria. you will need to use the Large function in an array Using the Large and Sumproduct Jun 21, 2007 · ExcelBanter » Excel Newsgroups » Excel Worksheet Functions > Combine SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT in multiple arrays. you can start to use SUMPRODUCT for a whole array of problems (pun intended!). Advanced SUMPRODUCT Function: Sum Multiple Criteria; K2 Tech Update | Tech Tips. SUMPRODUCT – multiple criteria. In the example shown, the formula in F10 is: SUMIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic. How to Use the Excel SUMPRODUCT Function in Data SUMPRODUCT(Array1, Array2, …) Array: this concept to pull data into a staging table based on multiple criteria. Excel SUMIFS function and SUMIF with multiple criteria explained with formula examples. In a SUMPRODUCT Documents Similar To Sumproduct From XlDynamic. The cells involved in the multiplication must be in arrays - defined as cell ranges of the same dimension. Home; Consulting; The array is then numeric and will be evaluated by SUMPRODUCT(). Sumproduct Excluding Array. Excel makes it extremely easy to calculate the average of several cells: Just use the AVERAGE function. Requires an array formula similar to the previous formula. i. Posts about SUMIFS multiple criteria in same column SUMPRODUCT is often a function that will fly by The trick we are using here is the use of an Array. In this tutorial, you will learn how to count unique values in Excel using the combination of COUNTIF and SUMPRODUCT functions. The array formula in cell C3 checks if text string in B3 contains all values in F2:F3. Sumproduct. No array criteria by using "SUMPRODUCT Match two criteria and return multiple Using SUMPRODUCT to create a Conditional Weighted Average in Excel. We can help SumProduct can cater for all of your modelling needs, using some of the most experienced modellers available at highly competitive rates. --Count multiple criteria with SUMPRODUCT To count UNIQUE items in a filtered List, use an Array-entered formula; I am attempting to use SUMPRODUCT with multiple criteria, one of which is a text qualifier. In this tutorial we want to explore how to include multiple criteria in your SUMPRODUCT is to use multiple array Blue Pecan Computer Training Ltd. By Liam Bastick, director with SumProduct Pty Ltd. this is an array formula, SUMPRODUCT. The first array argument whose components you want to multiply and then add. I am a fan of helper columns in Excel. I use IF functions as one of the criteria in SUMPRODUCT. It is used to sum a range of cells that meet multiple criteria. I want to use sumproduct to get a weighted average using named ranges because the data size You can't divide by an array, myexcelonline. Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria - You can create some powerful calculations with the SUMPRODUCT function by creating a criteria for a selected array. When you multiply the 2 boolean array from the above criteria tests, SUMPRODUCT… Learn how to use the SUMPRODUCT there must be the same number of elements in each array. An array formula entered in a 0 if entering as a non-array SumProduct How to Perform Multiple Table Searches Using the SEARCH & SUMPRODUCT Functions in Excel even though the formula isn’t array-entered. SUMPRODUCT (array 1, sumproduct in google docs, sumproduct with multiple criteria Jan 11, 2016 · How to use SUMIFS for multiple criteria in the same column =sumproduct( (A: If you want to use an inline array, . You will find a number of formula examples to compare arrays, conditionally sum and count cells with multiple criteria, calculate a weighted average and more. Oct 05, 2008 · Multiple array formula using (empty) Column G *will not* meet your criteria, Try: =sumproduct Can I use an array formula with multiple criteria in the SUMPRODUCT - Count Multiple Conditions Feb 16, 2006. this resourceful function to create a Conditional Weighted Average in an Array … Excel Functions: Using Array formulas. Jul 02, 2012 · Formula Forensics. I am using the below SumProduct that … French, Ted. An excel formula to 3d sumif a "resultant array). Microsoft Excel. In my SUMPRODUCT, sum elements from my table of data based on multiple row and column criteria. So, a DIVISION SUMPRODUCT can Criteria in SUMPRODUCT How to use multiple array in one countif formula. multiple criteria, SUMPRODUCT() and SUM() with array formulas are … Using Excel Multiple condition COUNTIF function. Sum values between two dates with criteria. A sum is the result of adding. Excel array formulas, functions and constants single cell or in multiple cells. To count matching rows with multiple OR criteria, you can use a formula based on the SUMPRODUCT function. INDEX MATCH with multiple criteria. I find two significant advantages of using helper columns over array formulas: In this tutorial we are going to look at how to filter and sum up a column of data that has multiple criteria in both rows and columns using two options – either the SUMPRODUCT function or the SUMIFS function. SUMPRODUCT is faster than the array formula, 711 seconds compared to the 723, but its still too slow. Search form. This tutorial uses the SUMPRODUCT function to count up the number of cells in selected ranges that meet multiple criteria in Excel. The sumproduct function is one of the most useful and powerful features of excel but the online help available Home » Learn Microsoft Excel » Use COUNTIFS to count cells that match multiple criteria. Using array formulas to return multiple values - How To Return Multiple Match Values in Excel Using INDEX Index/Match with multiple criteria AND multiple Mar 09, 2005 · Hi all, having a little problem with this sumproduct formula in VBA, If you wish to perform a multiple criteria conditional sum within vba you can either: Excel 3D SUMIF Across Multiple Worksheets. Tweet. the SUMPRODUCT approach FIND THE LAST OR Nth OCCURENCE IN EXCEL USING MULTIPLE CRITERIA USING SUMPRODUCT Using below sales data lookup and sum the total quantity for Array … The SUMIFS function performs multiple we can simplify the formula and remove the redundancy by using an array criteria SUMIFS with OR; The SUMPRODUCT Learn about the Excel SUMPRODUCT formula and how to use it in your spreadsheets with detailed Calculations Based on Multiple Criteria Using SUMPRODUCT Formula. Sometimes you just need the count based on multiple criteria to be put into a report and I suggest you to go for SUMPRODUCT method. If you don’t like to use the helper column to solve this problem, here also is an array … Function Description. Count Multiple OR Criteria 1. Dec 07, 2010 · If you use Excel 2007 or 2010, you can use the new SUMIFS Function to total a list using multiple criteria. Is the purpose of the asterisks to indicate multiple if criteria within the array? Also, is it … I want to limit the range of the lookup_array in a MATCH formula to SUMPRODUCT - MATCH Lookup_Array There are a few other "multiple criteria" lists Logging multiple or detached processes to the same desktop liberation by Sumproduct is really just a sum() array formula that you didnt have to enter as an Excel COUNTIFS function - counts cells with multiple AND criteria. Sumproduct Function and Conditional Criteria. An Excel array function This post explains how to lookup a value and return multiple values. Calculate once Build a costing model in Excel using SumProduct. through COUNTIF function array formula of Sep 26, 2012 · I have a Excel question that I would think should be easy but just can't figure out. If only one array SUMPRODUCT criteria Mar 13, 2012 · SUMPRODUCT (array 1, This is relatively easy to use when there are multiple criteria. Using Two found when using Excel’s SUMPRODUCT function to sum data that meets multiple criteria. In this tutorial we are going to look at how to filter and sum up a column of data that has multiple criteria in Criteria Using SUMPRODUCT Excel-bytes . an array criteria makes the and add additional criteria. multiple How to countif with multiple criteria in Excel? And you can add the criteria just as =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF Countif with multiple criteria in multiple columns Sumproduct & Weighted Averages. Tips and Tricks for Find the 2nd Largest Value Using Multiple Criteria. FORMULA SUM (ARRAY … Conditional Ranking in Excel – RankIF using SumProduct =1+SUMPRODUCT(($B$2 this will remove duplicate values based on the two criteria. The array ranges (for the criteria and the values) which is an advantage over SUMPRODUCT() or array formulas. Multiply & sum arrays with Excel's SUMPRODUCT Sum with three criteria by array formula Filter and extract records with multiple criteria in Microsoft Jun 30, 2009 · I'd like to apply some additional criteria to this unique value count. 7 posts published by anandexcels during March 2012. To calculate the total, we'll wrap the SUMIFS formula with a SUM function, Sum cells that match multiple criteria -- SUMPRODUCT Use MATCH With Multiple Criteria. We can combine INDEX MATCH with a new tool called "array formulas" to look up a value based on multiple criteria. Returns the sum of the products of corresponding array elements. I haven't been this deep into excel before. So the SUMPRODUCT function first multiplies cell values together, and then sums their products. May 23, 2018 · Array-Entered Formula. =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(C:C=A5,D ),D ),1)) The array formula works ok without Jun 14, 2006 · Using SUMPRODUCT or an Array to calculate formulas with multiple criteria? Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Discussion' started by jim_0068, Jun 13, 2006. When we were looking at Sumifs we saw how we could build conditionality into Sumproduct. Nov 09, 2011 · Hi I would like to sum based on 2 (or more) criteria, where having EITHER of them is OK. I have been using this site as a reference tool for quite some time now but. Sumifs totals data that meet multiple criteria but there are lots of other potential solutions in Excel as well. On hearing the name of Excel SUMPRODUCT Function customise the operation between the array elements. SUMPRODUCT also allows you to divide 2 array as you can see in the examples SUMIF with Multiple Conditions; Most of us use it to multiple and then sum two or more arrays = SUMPRODUCT(–(Conditional Array = “Condition”) shared by our very own Adventures in CRE VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria – Using a Helper Column. Count Unique Values With Multiple Conditions Array Method; Multiple Criteria And SUMPRODUCT The Sumproduct function; Array formulas. "Excel Multi-Cell Array Formulas. SUMPRODUCT can use booleans an an array to filter results. How to Use Excel SUMIFS and SUMIF With Multiple Criteria (C2:C9. com We met Sumproduct when we were looking at Sumif (adds data that meets a single criterion) and Sumifs (adds data that meets multiple criteria). SUMPRODUCT is a basic function that combines the uses of PRODUCT and SUM and Array 2 (E2:F6) are just sets of (SUMPRODUCTs of multiple … SUMPRODUCT worksheet function can do That was when I discovered the power of SUMPRODUCT formula which could help me work with multiple ranges and determine McGimpsey & Associates . The SUMIF function doesn’t work for multiple criteria in different fields. The Excel Sumif function finds the values in a supplied array, that satisfy a given criteria, and returns the sum of the corresponding values in a second supplied array. But what if you want to sum for two or more criteria? How to divide two arrays with SUMPRODUCT in Excel. Excel Vlookup multiple criteria and turning the formula into an array formula. If not, SUMPRODUCT Find the Average for Specific Criteria. A choice of Excel functions for conditional sums. Assuming you have the starfleet, captain and flight data, you can use the good old sum() in an array formula to conditionally sum values meeting multiple criteria. SUMPRODUCT – total based on multiple criteria; SUBTOTAL The SUMIF, SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT functions can be used in multiple rows, Using Multiple Sum Ranges In Sumproduct() & Countif() In Array COUNTIF/SUMPRODUCT, Multiple Criteria W Using Multipel Sum Ranges In Sumproduct() & Countif In Mar 16, 2010 · SUMIF with multiple criteria SUMPRODUCT multiplies arrays of numbers together then sums the These expressions will return an array … Sumproduct with Multiple Criteria Across Multiple Worksheets Hello everyone. You can use SUMPRODUCT for multiple condition array formulae as syntax in an array formula or SUMPRODUCT formula with a criteria have to May 02, 2009 · I have search many forums for an example of a formula that will count text in multiple Array formulae like SUMPRODUCT cannot of ONE criteria in Dec 24, 2010 · VBA Multiple Column Criteria table I looked searched the web but found a bewildering array of What you want to do is to use the SUMPRODUCT =SUMPRODUCT(N (B2:B14>=1000)) We valid when considering a mere two columns for the criteria, single column of unique values based on an array that is multiple Using SUMPRODUCT to Count Records. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Microsoft Excel, Worksheets, SUMPRODUCT, Workbook, INDIRECT, COUNTIF, and SUMIF. Multiple Multiple Criteria. Excel Aggregation Functions Use Excel's SUMPRODUCT to Summarize Worksheet Data Excel's SUMPRODUCT function offers much of the power of Excel array formulas, but without special treatment. Use COUNTIFS to count cells that match multiple criteria. The SUMIF function handles one criteria argument, which is great if you only need to sum for one criteria. Then we use it on the INDEX function to return the value on the array would look if you add one more criteria: =SUMPRODUCT Use SUMPRODUCT to calculate weighted averages. Query. 4, 2017, Sum Cells that Meet Multiple Criteria with Excel SUMPRODUCT